New induction furnaces.

A unique understanding of the problems associated with most types of coreless induction furnace has driven Meltech to develop a system with simplicity and efficiency in mind, careful attention to detail has resulted in the equipment being very easy to live with and maintain.

Pulsar inverter technology
With power ratings of 50kW up to 750kW with frequencies of 200 to 3,000Hz the Pulsar inverter is ideally suited for the efficient melting of Ferrous, Copper based and Aluminium alloys within the small to medium foundry environment.
Tilting furnaces
All Mag-Melt tilting induction furnace bodies offer a rugged design and utilize shunt gap technology to provide a compact yet economically priced steel constructed furnace body with a capacity range of up to 1,500kg ferrous or 500kg of Aluminium alloys.

Crucible furnaces
For smaller non ferrous alloy melting applications the Mag-Melt "C" crucible furnace body has the operational features of the larger tilting furnace body incorporated into a drop coil arrangement which has eliminated the need for trenches or pits,  common to other brands of crucible furnace. 

Innovative approach to induction melting"

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