Spare parts

Meltech can boast a fully stocked spares department offering industry proven components for your induction furnace system, we carry virtually all service spare parts covering machines up to 750kW power rating, brands  include Inductotherm® , Pillar, ABP,Taylormade, Induction Heating Systems(IHS), Convertron, Stotek and of course our own Pulsar system.    

Control boards, Heat sinks, SCR's , Thyristors, Diodes, Scr clamps, Firing modules, Firing cards, ACI modules, Earth leak Monitors, Snubber capacitors, Tank capacitors,  Filter capacitors, Transformers, CLR (reactors), CT'S Current Transformers., Selector switches, Flow switches, Pressure sensors, Temperature sensors, Fuses, Breakers, De ionizer crystals and Cartridges

Meltech Ltd is an independent manufacturer & rebuilder of induction furnaces and is not an authorized rebuild agent for any original equipment manufacturer whose machines are shown on this web site
The trademarks Inductotherm ® , VIP ® and Powertrak ® are owned by Inductotherm ® Europe Ltd 

High quality non OEM spare parts

Brand new circuit breakers complete with Shunt trip & Under voltage Relay, Ideal for for Inductotherm® VIP®  Powertrak® Inverter's without ACI 

630 Amp

800 Amp

1250 Amp

1600 Amp


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